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Find your Squeeze -How to Begin

1. Yoga Lemonade offers unlimited live classes in three different styles: Flow, Strength & Stretch.  See the calendar here.

2. For a very affordable monthly subscription ($25/month, no contract), you can attend as many live classes as you like PLUS access all the class recordings AND attend our monthly wellness pop-up workshop! Become a member & see all the perks here.

3. We are so sure you will love classes and love this community that your first 14-days are free as a trial period. Really, we are trying to make this easy for you! Life is hard enough! Get to know our philosophy here.

4. Once you are a member, you can book classes easily online here. You'll also be able to login and see your class schedule and history, etc. 

5. After reserving your spot in class (there is a limit of 25 people per class because we want to actually see you), you'll get a confirmation email. The ZOOM link to join is in that email! If you don't get the email, be sure to send us a quick message so we can help.

No more sour faces, friends! 😝 Let's make lemonade together. 🍋


Brand new to yoga or fitness? Are you managing some injuries, arthritis, bad knees or need to go a little slower? Not sure about this whole yoga thing?

Welcome to Flow! Every class is designed to help you learn about alignment, breath, and yoga basics by progressing through a 60-minute class that links poses and exercises together in order to prioritize alignment and safety while still providing the benefits of strength, balance, and flexibility. 

What people say:
"I'm 78 years old and I enjoy the detailed teaching and support here"

"I am new to yoga and this has made me fall in love with this practice"

"This is the class I take when I just need a great reset"


The original Yoga Bootcamp class! Combining yoga flow with the added challenge of weights, calisthenics, and cardio intervals, this class will get your stronger from the inside out!


The pace is quick but modifications are always offered. We want you to sweat and be challenged while staying injury-free. Yoga Bootcamp classes are done to music (we share the playlist prior to class) using 3-10 pound dumbbells. Perfect if you have trouble staying focused during a "regular" yoga class or if you're looking for fitness as well as zen.

What people say: 

"Hard but I'm hooked!"

"Totally invigorating"

"Makes me forget about all my stress"

"I see changes in my body after just a few weeks"


You are balanced when you are both flexible and strong.  This class compliments Flow and Strength by taking more time to focus on deep stretching as well as breath and relaxation. It's like a glass of wine and a hot bath at the end of your day!


We highly recommend a stretch class once a week, no matter your degree of strength or flexibility. 

We will guide you to use pillows, towels, books, a belt and other items you have at home as yoga props to help you relax and find depth in supported stretches designed to increase mobility and reduce stress.

What people say:


"(Deep sigh)"

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