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What is Yoga Lemonade? How does this work?

Yoga Lemonade is a personalized live yoga class membership offered completely online. Led by certified yoga instructors who are also healthcare professionals, we offer three different classes multiple times a week (Yoga Flow, Yoga Bootcamp with weights, and Stretch). Classes are LIVE via Zoom. We can see you! We call you by name and make class interactive and fun as well as challenging. 

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What does Yoga Lemonade mean?


Yoga Lemonade symbolizes resilience. Our motto is, "When life gives you lemons, squeeze!" Founded by Cristy & Eduardo Balcells, we know about adversity. Eduardo is a first-generation immigrant, the first in his family to go to college. He became a cardiologist based on grit and intention to do something good in the world. Cristy is a nurse whose roots began as a personal coach with Dale Carnegie Training International. When their daughter was born 16 years ago with an incurable genetic disease, they founded an international nonprofit organization to support families. Together, they found yoga helped them be stronger physically and emotionally. Yoga Lemonade is real, no fluff connection with others using yoga as a tool for movement and fitness. You'll get a healthy dose of attitude inspiration as well as some of that grit that makes us who we are in every class.

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How is this different than watching a YouTube video?

Well, first of all, it's live. We know your name and we use it. Secondly, it's messy. We aren't in the perfect business or trying to be Instagram stars. We teach live, interactive challenging and fun classes appropriate for all different kinds of people. 

We offer classes online because we know there are a lot of reasons why you might need or want to do yoga from home. We welcome moms with kids, caregivers, busy people, retired people, people vulnerable to coronavirus, people who feel intimidated by a live class, people who don't want to drive and find parking - all kinds of people! Still, there is power in community, so even though we are online we act like an in-person class by interacting and supporting you.

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What are the class options?

Three class styles: 

1. Yoga Flow (slow, alignment-based, great for beginners or anyone with injuries)

2. Yoga Bootcamp (fast, strong, use weights to build strength, not boring)

3. Stretch (relaxing, mostly on the floor, uses pillows and blankets to support your body)

For a more in-depth description, click here.

Right now, Flow and Bootcamp are each offered 4-5 times a week, and Stretch is offered 1-2 times a week. All classes are online via Zoom. You get a link when you sign up. Check out the schedule here

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 Is there a contract? How do I cancel?


No contracts. Lemonade Health Coach is a 3-month program broken up into 3 monthly payments of $75. Unlimited online digital membership without 1:1 coaching is $25 a month. Everyone in your household is welcome to take classes under one membership at the same time. If you have kids, uncles and grandpas living in other houses in other states, they should get their own subscription, please. Once you sign up, you will be debited $25 every month until you cancel. To cancel, please send us an email! 

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I'm not that fit/very fit - how can yoga help me?


If you're not so fit today that doesn't mean you won't be able to get there. Start with Yoga Flow and get comfortable moving, understand alignment so you can move safely, build up some muscle tone, strength and confidence. Better yet, let us help you reach your goals directly by letting us be your personal wellness coach!

If you are very fit now and you either a) find yoga boring, or b) can't touch your toes, then Yoga Bootcamp is for you! We use weights to increase the intensity of yoga poses so you get strengthening as well as lengthening benefits. We spend 15 minutes at the end of Yoga Bootcamp in relaxing and deep stretching as well. Yoga Bootcamp also is done to music if you like.

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