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100% of the donations and registration fees go to your nonprofit organization.

raise awareness

raise money

do good together

Yoga brings people together. We have built communities from scratch, seen relationships forged, and watched total transformation when individuals come together and simply drop their guard, move and breathe together. 

With over 15 years of nonprofit leadership experience, Cristy & Eduardo will help raise awareness and funds for your cause. 


We will host the class (virtually via Zoom), provide a registration page, generate an opt-in for your organization for future communications, and share the details with you along the way. If you're interested and would like to chat, please email us!

What we do

  1. Plan and teach a 45-minute live online yoga class targeted to the needs, interests, and abilities of your audience on the date and time we mutually choose.

  2. Create promo materials branded with your cause's logo and mission for you to share.

  3. Set up a registration link with donation form. 100% of the proceeds from registration will go back to your cause. 

  4. Provide a shortcut custom URL for you to share on social media and your website.

  5. Promote your event on Yoga Lemonade's website, class calendar and social media platforms.

  6. Coach a representative of your organization to prepare a 10-15 minute awareness presentation and a donation-driven call to action. We will set you up for success to present at the beginning of the class to a captive audience. 

What YOU do

  1. Tell us about your cause and why you are passionate about helping people served by your organization.

  2. Provide your organization's logo and mission statement, and work with us to choose a date and time for your fundraiser class. Plan a six to eight week lead time.

  3. Share the promotional flyer we create with your organization's audience and ask them to share. We want to help you expand your reach to people who are not already familiar with your cause and your organization!

  4. Drive people to register in advance for the class. 100% of the proceeds from registration will go back to your cause. (We suggest a $20-$30 donation per person, depending on your audience.)

  5. Share the custom registration url by email, social media, and on your organization's website.

  6. Show up and follow up! 🍋


​Why are you doing this?

Cristy has over 15 years in nonprofit leadership, advocacy and communications experience. We know how important it is to provide opportunities to engage your community, increase visibility about your cause via events, and that most organizations are understaffed and overleveraged. We are here to help! 

​How will we know who registered?

We will generate a unique class registration link for your event and send you a registration report every two weeks from the time we kick-off until the day of the event. 


Are the class registration fees tax-deductible?

Since Yoga Lemonade is acting as the conduit to collect the donations, pay the processing fees, and manage the registration flow, class fees are donations to the organization but are not tax-deductible since they are not paid directly to your nonprofit. We have found that most individuals don't worry about deductions less than $25 for tax purposes anyway.

​What's the minimum number to have a class?

Let's work together to get at least 10, over 50 begins to get crowded.

​What if I'm not sure how to get people excited about this?

We can help! We will market your class for a cause to our existing students and on our social platforms helping you reach a broader audience, and we will give you some pointers on communications.

​No one in our organization knows how to do yoga.

Perfect! We specialize in beginners. We know how to adapt classes for multiple levels of experience and ability. Our goal is connection and community using yoga as the means to get us all together. 

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